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Ntabamoya Private Resereve

mpimbo and kopie

Topography of the Reserve

The topography of the reserve takes many forms including undulating grassland, woodland, steep rocky inclines, forest and river valleys.

Starting from the bottom or eastern border of the reserve just below the Mooihoek road, there is a wooden bridge over the Mtsugwana River. This is the lowest elevation on the reserve. Standing on this bridge and looking west we can see much of the reserve with north to our right and south to our left. A kopie (small hill) can be seen straight ahead and the homestead is 400m to the north-west of us. Some 250m from the bridge is the largest of the three dams that form the northern perimeter of the development area. To the north of the kopie we can see the saddle that runs north-south bisecting the northern half of the reserve.

Moving up to the development area and still facing west we can see the kopie in more detail. The large dam and bridge are now behind us down to the east. The homestead is now some 400m to our north. Turning around and looking east one can the lower half of the development area as well as all four of the dams that form the northern border of the development area. These are the dams where fishing is available to unit owners1. The incline over the development area is 1:14 rising 40m in height over 560m in distance.

Northern plains Moving to the top of the kopie we find that it is a 1000m long hill that runs away to the west bisecting the reserve. There are fantastic panoramic views of the whole reserve and much of the Drakensberg from here. A forest can be seen to the west in the distance and this forms the western perimeter. One can see all the way from Dragons Peak (Central Berg) through Cathedral Peak to the Sentinel (Northern Berg) with a small section obscured by Mpimbo. This is a wonderful spot for evening picnics and sundowners.

Turning around and looking east down towards the Mooihoek road we can now see the whole of the development area, the four dams and the Mtsugwana River valley to the south.

These features are highlighted on the topographical map.

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Topographical Map

Look at the topographical map to see the detailed topography and the location of features.

kopie at dusk

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