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Ntabamoya Private Resereve

Security guard

Security within the Reserve

The whole reserve is a secure zone where you can reside, walk, cycle and horse ride with peace of mind.

Personal security is achieved through:

  • Trained, armed guards patrolling the perimeter and full extent of the reserve, and
  • Remote video surveillance of the entrance¹.

The 9,6 kilometres (6 miles) perimeter of the Reserve is completely fenced to a height of 2,4 metres (8 feet).

Security guards patrol the reserve day and night on horseback and on foot.

Access to the Reserve is by a secure entrance with a remote controlled electric gate. Exit from the reserve is by remote control, personal pin code or by request. All residents will have remote controls.

During busier periods there will be a permanent security guard at the entrance to register your guests and assist in them gaining entry.

Steel gate

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