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Ntabamoya Private Resereve

Main dam

The Private Game Reserve

The Reserve comprises 445 hectares of natural bush with an abundance of acacia trees and grasslands that form an ideal habitat for indigenous wildlife. There are eight small dams on the reserve that attract game and bird life and these are ideal locations for bird and game watching. There are also many springs that feed the dams and these provide micro environments for amphibious wildlife.

The development area is located near the centre of the reserve and there are a number of roads and paths that cross the reserve providing serene walkways and mountain bike trails. Various indigenous trees, including acacias, are to be introduced to the development area itself to enhance the tree cover on the individual sites.

The Reserve offers a "walk and stalk" experience where it is deemed safe to walk amongst the game or to let children cycle and play outside your house. In some game reserves where there are dangerous animals such as the Big 5 1, hippo and crocodile, it is unsafe to venture outside.

We will not stock the Big 5 animals, hippo or crocodile at this reserve.

Ntabamoya Private Reserve is an eco-estate which is an estate development where the buildings are integrated into the natural surroundings in a harmonious fashion and where the environment and wildlife are primary considerations. The ecology is also preserved during and after the construction phase through Environment and Conservation Management Plans.

The reserve is regularly patrolled by experienced guards who also perform game warden and fire monitoring roles.

The Ntabamoya reserve offers an exclusive development opportunity that has been planned over the past three years. The development been approved by the following bodies:

  • Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs
  • KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation Service
  • Department of Traditional and Local Government Affairs
  • Okahlamba Municipality (Town planning, services and building permission)

1 Big 5: elephant, rhinoceros, cape buffalo, lion and leopard - the five animals historically considered most dangerous by hunters.



Sunset Flower Horse riding

Wide angle view

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