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Ntabamoya Private Resereve

Zebra grazing

Questions and Answers

All questions and answers are provided to act as a guide to prospective purchasers and to assist in them visualising what the Ntabamoya Private Reserve entails.

Though these answers to questions are not legally binding their aim is to provide an understanding of the essence of the development and the private reserve.

Answers to questions may be changed.


How many phases are there and what does each entail?
There is only one phase to the development and no further development thereafter.

Development milestones

  • Infrastructure has been installed - electricity, water supply, 88,000 litre water reservoir, fire hydrants, drainage, entrance, access road.
  • Dam1 has been enlarged
  • There are 16 completed houses

What is included in the levy?
See the Levy section

Is there public access to the reserve?
At present, no, apart from B&B guests. We aim to keep the reserve private, however, the Reserve has the right to allow other access to the Reserve in the future.

Is any use of the house or site permitted, other than stipulated in the sale agreement and Body Corporate rules?

What are the future plans in the reserve?
The lower dam has already been enlarged to 3 times its present volume (5 to 6 times its surface area). This was done in 2006 and is now a mature dam. A restaurant and bar facility may be established at the original homestead (common area). A bed and breakfast and conferencing facility may be operated from the original homestead.

There are plans for 6 fishing lodges on the upper dam to the north of the homestead, some 800m from the development. These will be low profile wooden houses providing weekend fishing facilities.

Are there any future planned developments in the reserve?
No. Apart from the 6 fishing houses, no further developments will occur.

What is the risk of bush fires?
Bush fires may occur and preventative measures are in place. These include fire breaks around the development and along the reserve's perimeter, and division of the property into 6 lots separated by fire breaks. There will also be a water tanker on standby. This service is included in the levy.

Are any pets allowed?

Buying a house

When can I expect to receive my title deeds?
Title deeds will be available to purchasers once construction of the house is completed. Ready built houses come with title deeds.

What is included in the house purchase price?

  • Real rights plus your exclusive use area (0,4 ha)
  • Access to your site
  • Building approval
  • DFA Planning approval
  • A standard, proven architect drawn house plans (3 and 4 bedroom)
  • A house built to the standard architect drawn house plan (with optional modifications)
  • All necessary building certificates
  • Services to the house including
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Roads
    • >Garbage disposal
    • Communications by owners subscription

What is the size of each site?
Each site is at least 4050m2, 1 acre or 0,405 hectares. See development site layout table for exact information on each site.

Will I own the site I purchase and what will it include?
Yes, as with all Sectional Title you will receive, once built and approved, a title deed to the house footprint plus the exclusive use of the 0.4ha (1 acre) site. This will include access to the whole reserve on foot or bicycle and fishing rights in three dams subject to a valid working agreement and Service Charge.

If I reserve a house, how do things proceed from there?
You will be given all the legal documentation for perusal by your solicitor for a limited time of 21 days. You will need to approach OOBA (or you own mortgasge company) for financing. Once you are satisfied you can proceed with the purchase of the house. You will receive a title deed upon completion of construction and full payment.

May I fence my site?
No. To allow free passage and to minimise injuries to game, fences are not permitted within the reserve.

May I sell my house to someone else?
Yes. You may sell your house to someone else. Ntabamoya reserves the right of first refusal which means the house owner must first offer the house for sale to Ntabamoya (at the owners achieved market price of course). Ntabamoya is not enforcing a right to purchase back at the original purchase price.

Can a house be purchased by a syndicate, trust or company?
Yes. All normal property purchase arrangements are allowed.

Can a house be purchased in a timeshare scheme?
No. However within a syndicate a similar fractional sharing rrangement can be achieved.

Building my house

Can I purchase a completed house?
Yes. Completed houses are available built to specification.

Must I build my house in a fixed position?
No. You may locate your house anywhere on your exclusive use area provided that it is more than 5m from your boundary and it is in a suitable position in relation to other owners and existing buildings.
Suitable positions are governed by the sectional title registration and you may be required to adhere to the prescribed position if you obscure an adjacent proerties view.

Can I purchase an already completed house?
Yes. Provided that you can get financing for a "Real Rights" purchase and staged payment construction arrangement.

What are the building costs?
See the price lists for details.

Are there any other building costs?
This depends on your personal requirements. The building cost covers the house plus single garage only and excludes additional garage, walls, roofs, additional storage facilities.

Will there be any architectural theme, restrictions or guidelines?
The purpose is to protect each owner's property value by ensuring similar size properties are built in the same style and with acceptable and complimentary exterior finishes. You will be able to choose from a limited selection of exterior finishes. Exterior walls will be plaster with a durable finish. Roofs will be green tile or thatch. Choosing thatch will increase your levy payments due to higher insurance and maintenance costs.
A selection of materials and finishes will be specified in the Building Contract.

Can I employ my own builder or build myself?
Yes. Should you wish to employ your own contractor the following conditions will apply:

  • A non-refundable contractors surcharge of R14,000+VAT will be payable to the Developer prior to commencement of construction
  • A security deposit of R30,000 will be payable to the Developer prior to commencement of construction and refunded after construction is completed provided that thre has been no transgression of the Building Agreement or Conduct Rules or Reserve Rules
  • The client will pay a contactors service charge of R1000 per calendar month during construction so that Ntabamoya can monitor the points listed below
  • Construction must be completed within 9 months of commencement.

Ntabamoya recommends our retained contractor and provides a building monitoring facility to ensure that:

  • The properties are built to a common quality, specification and finish
  • Building operations adhere to the Environmental Management Plan that ensures the environment and surroundings are unaffected during building operations
  • The properties are built in good time
  • Additional security and monitoring are provided over the contractors workforce

How do I proceed with building once my off-plan house has been purchased?

  • Optionally, modify the internal design and internal layout of your house
  • Select any additional options for your house
  • Select your exterior and interior finishes [footnote 1]
  • Enter into contract with the reserve management company
  • Make the initial stage payment and building works will commence, building schedule permitting.

How close will my neighbours be?
One of Ntabamoya's principles is privacy, so the distance between each building will be 30-50m given a 14m footprint on 58m wide site.


Is transfer duty payable on the purchase of a completed house?

Is transfer duty payable on the sale of my house?
No. Only by the purchaser.

What are the estimated rates for each house?
There are no rates at present. Any rates imposed in the future should be minimal as the Ntabamoya Reserve is self-contained apart from refuse removal.


What will the Levy for each section (house) be?
Levy is presently ~R1900p.m.

What is included in the levy?

  • Guards and security services
  • Garden services including lawn maintenance
  • Gate and perimeter maintenance
  • Access and development area road maintenance
  • Fire control and management
  • Exterior building maintenance
  • Water supply and maintenance
  • Electricity supply and maintenance
  • Pool maintenance
  • Buildings insurance
  • Road and path maintenance and access to the reserve
  • Body Corporate management agent
  • Specified access to the reserve

How have the levies been calculated?
The levies have been calculated on costs of providing the services listed above over the past 3 years.

Who will set the actual levies?
The actual levies are set by the Body Corporate (BC) and are approved by all owners annually at the AGM. The BC is a legal entity charges with the management and operation of the development area and it acts on behalf of, and is steered by, the owners within the development area.

When does the levy start?
An interim levy of R750 per month is payable on an undeveloped site. The full levy of ~R1900 per month is payable upon completion of house construction or 6 months after commencment of construction, whichever occurs first.

Do I pay levy if the site remains undeveloped?
There may be a surcharge of R3000 per month if a house is not constructed within 24 months of transfer of the site.

Income and sub-letting

Will I be able to sub-let or rent my property out?

The Reserve

What game will be in the reserve?
Three hundred and fifty animals have already been introduced and include Giraffe, Waterbuck, Zebra, Impala, Blesbok, Common Reedbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Grey Duiker, Zebra and Kudu. These species being introduced have been specially selected by KZN Wildlife to provide a balanced and complementary feeding capability.

How is the environment in the reserve to be preserved?
During building operations the Environment Management Plan will be adhered to and managed by an Environment Control Officer. Thereafter the reserve will be managed through a Conservation Management Plan that is monitored by KZN Wildlife officers to ensure balanced, adequate and healthy environment for all species as well as residents and visitors.

Will there be hunting in the reserve?
There will be controlled capture and removal of species from the reserve. This process may include shooting.
There is a very limited and controlled hunting schedule designed to remove old animals and maintain a harmoneous balance in each spiecy.

Are there any land claims against this reserve?

Who is responsible for removal of alien species from the reserve?
The reserve management company.

How are the roads constructed?
Roads within the development area as well as the access road between the entrance and the development area are constructed of rolled gravel with storm water drains alongside.

What is my responsibility with respect to the reserve itself?
House owners have responsibility for

  • The development area
  • A proportion of security of the reserve perimeter (that in turn gives security to the development area)
  • A proportion of Maintenance of the entrance gate and facilities used to gain access to the development area
  • A proportion of path and roadway maintenance within the reserve
  • Restocking of fish in dams that are used by house owners
  • 1/25 of reserve operating profits and/or costs

Owners will have shared responsibility for maintaining the reserve, animals and other facilities they share with remaining owners.


Will there be a communal pool?
It has been decided that the communal area not be used as an activity centre but rather that all activities be located at the farmstead area. Yes, there is a pool available there.

Who will maintain my garden?
Gardens are maintained by the Body Corporate and each property has 5m of lawn to the front of the property and up to 5m on either side..

What about telecommunications links such as DSTV receivers, Internet access and telephones?
Individual and communal digital telecommunications facilities such as shared broadband Internet access and DSTV reception are being investigated at present. Telkom provides wireless telephone installations upon request and these are good for 16,8kbps dial-up Internet access. There is excellent mobile phone coverage throughout the reserve.

What can I do in my garden?
Gardens may be landscaped and populated with indigenous plant species. Exotic plant species are not allowed. Gardens may be used for normal recreational purposes.

How is water provided?
Water is provided from a central reservoir of water that will be filled from boreholes. The water has been classified as class 0 (the best you can get), apart from Manganese content which is class 2. There may also be a supply of garden water that will not be purified. Each property will be metered so as to ensure fair accountable water usage.

How will electricity be provided?
Electricity is provided by Eskom via underground cable to the perimeter of each site. Each house has its own electricity meter. Energy supply will be adequate for an 8 room dwelling.

How will sewage be disposed of?
Sewage is disposed of in individual septic tanks. The earth in the reserve has very good drainage properties. A qualified engineer has designed and certified the septic tanks.

May I bring my own maid to the property?
You may, however, you will need to find accommodation as ther is none in the Reserve. Also, the guards must be notified about each person on the property for security reasons. Reputable services such as cleaners will be available locally and may be requested through the prescribed Ntabamoya management agent.

May I bring my own horse to the property?
Refer to the Body Corporate.

[1]You will need to make available all non-standard interior fittings and finishes.
[3]Building costs are estimated and should be confirmed by the developer or preferred building contractor.

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