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Ntabamoya Private Resereve


Interested in Buying?

Contact us for further information on partaking in this exclusive offer.

Firstly, make an appointment to visit the reserve by contacting us or our specialised marketing estate agents, Pam Golding, Nottingham Road. They will liaise with you throughout the purchase process.

View the existing houses and available house sites and explore the full extent of the reserve. We can arrange overnight accommodation if required.

If you like what you see, contact one of the agents to purchase a completed house. You may then gain access online to all the legal documentation.

Should you wish to reserve a site or a house, the agents will provide you with all the legal documentation for perusal by your solicitor. This includes:

  • Agreement of Sale (Sectional Title)
  • Layout plan showing all sites with survey peg numbers
  • Body Corporate Management and Conduct rules
  • Current Building Specification
  • Schedule of game introduced

We can provide copies of the:

  • Development Facilitation Act, Record of Decision
  • Provincial Compliance Certificate certifying that all required infrastructure is in place on site
  • Municipal Building Approval

Look at the land and legal entities that are involved with the reserve and development.

Once you are satisfied with everything you can proceed to purchase a completed house, built to your own internal requirements.

You will be provided with title deeds for your completed house once you have completed your purchase and the house has been built.

Chameleons can be seen most of the year

Build your vacation house and enjoy the safe, secluded and natural setting that Ntabamoya has to offer.

You may resell your house to anyone and at any time.

Contact our agents

To obtain further information or to purchase a house contact agents - Pam Golding, Nottingham Road.

Not sure?

If you are not yet ready to commit to buying a site or house then please

You are under no obligations and we would like you to be comfortable and sure before you decide to purchase.

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