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Ntabamoya Private Resereve

House plan

House Plans

Municipally approved house plans are adhered to during all house construction.

At present there is

  • An approved single storey house plan in the same style, providing approximately 186m² (2002 sq.ft), AND
  • An approved double storey house plan providing approximately 245m² (2637 sq.ft).

The exterior design of the houses may not be altered. Interior design may be modified to suit individual needs, and internal wall locations may be changed, except where they provide structural support. Standard plans are included in the purchase oprice. Any changes to internal layout must be reflected in an "as built" plan drawn up upon completion. See Architecture for more details on the house design.

The plans can be viewed on the double storey and single storey pages.

Or, view pictures of completed double storey and single storey houses.


Model of double storey house

Double storey house


Model of single storey house

Single storey house

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