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Ntabamoya Private Resereve

Pipes and cables

Development Infrastructure


The infrastructure for the development at Ntabamoya Private Reserve is complete. Building work has commenced and most houses have already been constructed. The regional District Officer has made site visits and is pleased with progress so far. The development has attained a certificate of compliance from the provincial administration, regarding all development conditions.

The infrastructure was approved by the district authority (uThukela District Municipality) to ensure that buyers have adequate, well designed and implemented infrastructure in place before taking ownership for their houses or development sites.

The regional Transport Office has also made site visits and is satisfied with the entrance and road construction within the reserve. A certificate of acceptance has been received from the Dept. of Transport.


The water supply is from a 65 metre deep borehole situated just above the development area. The borehole is rated at 5000 litres per hour continuous and this means that 1500 litres per hour can be pumped safely ad-infinitum without degrading the subterranean water system.

Water tank Potability tests have been performed on the borehole water and results are excellent with the water being rated as CLASS 0 on all tests (highest rating) except manganese which it rated at CLASS 2.

An 88,000 litre concrete water reservoir has been installed that provides potable drinking water using natural gravity pressure.

There is also a separate brown water supply to each house (pumped dam water) and it is envisaged that, to conserve ground water, any regular garden water requirement can be pumped periodically from the main dam.


The electrical supply is 10kVA per house, or 220V and 45A maximum. The supply is derived from an Eskom 11kV overhead cable supply. In order to reduce the amount of Electrical supply overhead cable in the Reserve it was decided to provide an underground supply, at a substantial cost.

The 11kV supply is stepped down to 440V and stepped up to 3.3kV. The 3.3kV supply is reticulated underground throughout the development area, using some 2,800 metres of armoured high voltage cable. This 3.3kV supply is then stepped down to 380v by seven separate transformers spread around the development area. This means that there are between four and five houses per transformer, with two transformers used for borehole and water supply.

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