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Ntabamoya Private Resereve

Exterior walls

House Exteriors

To keep the harmony that the eco-estate requires, the exterior shapes are the same and the finishes are similar.

External colours may be chosen from a palette of two colours that blend with the existing finishes and the Ntabamoya theme. The roof may be either concrete roof tiles or thatch. Exterior walls are plastered and painted with a guaranteed weatherproof coating.

The roof has been designed with a substantial overhang (600mm) so that gutters are not required. The roof line is below the tree canopy and gutters would need frequent maintenance.

Double storey

Front Side Rear

Paths and patios are finished in concrete and may optionally be paved with concrete bricks. Patios need not be enclosed by walls as shown in the standard single storey and double storey designs.

There is hard standing outside between the entrance and carport or garage.

Driveway may be dual strips of paving or a continuous roadway.

Single storey

Rear Front Front

The single storey exterior is in the same architectural style as the double storey. The high pitched roof provides potential for loft rooms with dormer windows if desired. Some single storey designs utilise the slope and have an elevated patio with the garage underneath.

Created by Aziso