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Ntabamoya Private Resereve



The construction of all houses is undertaken by quality contractors. These contractors are renowned for build quality and on-time completion. They liaise and interact with purchasers in a professional and courteous manner and will assist purchasers in achieving their desired interior layout. They are also familiar with the requirements for building in an eco-estate.

Our building quality is unrivalled anywhere in the area.

Houses are typically brick built and are constructed to South African building regulations (103 of 1977) using SABS approved materials. SABS approved blocks may also be specified as a building material if required, and must be sourced by the contractor(s).

As required by the building regulations, building inspection is done at these key stages in the construction:

  • Foundations and footings
  • 1st floor reinforcing
  • Roof structure
  • Completion

The contractors have retained a qualified engineer to check and approve these critical construction stages:

  • Foundations and footings
  • 1st floor reinforcing and construction
  • Water percolation for sewage

The contractors have selected professionals to ensure that all faccets of the construction process are performed to regulations:

  • Infestation treatment is undertaken by a qualified pest controller.
  • Electrical work is undertaken by a qualified electrician.
  • Plumbing work is undertaken by a qualified plumber.
  • Roof certification is provided by the roof manufacturing engineers.

The purchaser is responsible for managing self-arranged construction.

Site visits are periodically made by the local building inspector to ensure adherence to the building regulations. In addition, all construction work must adhere to the Environmental Management Plan that ensures minimum damage and disruption to the surrounding environment.

Construction Process

From the purchasers point of view the construction process is as follows:

  • Secure your building financing
  • Purchase an off-plan house to your specifications
  • Sign building contract with our or your own conractor, and initial all extras and changes
  • Determine the location for your house on your site
    This takes one visit and allows the builder to commence with foundations
  • Agree the building price and itemise PC items and changes with the builder
  • Select your specific finishes such as tiles, kitchen, paint.
    Selection is usually needed 6 weeks before practical completion
  • Practical completion should occur 3-4 months after commencing construction
    This is when the house is essentially (practically) completed
  • You then need to view the property and create a "snags" list of things that need to be corrected, added, removed or repaired
    The developer then has 30 days to clear the snags list
  • Actual completion is thirty days after practical completion
    This is when you make the final payment (10% completion retainer) to the builder and you take legal ownership of the property (or as arranged)
  • Submit an amended plan and obtain all certificates - engineer, municipal, infestation, habitation, NHBRC
    This will usually take around 2 weeks for the small amendments such as internal walls, addition of garage(s), showers, baths, windows

Some sites will require more earhtmoving, backfilling and subterranean brickwork due to inclined slopes, at an additional cost to be agreed with the builder prior to commencement of construction.

Stage Payments

Normally, there are eight equal stage payments made during the construction process with the final payment being the 10% competion retainer. Some building mortgages will stipulate their own frequency of staged payments, often based on progress. Ultimately, this is a matter between the client and contractor.

Please contact the contractor(s) to ascertain the current building schedule.


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