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Ntabamoya Private Resereve

Picnic spot


The summer months are October to March when the days are warm to hot with temperatures reaching 34°C in December and January. There are 13 hours of daylight in midsummer. Evenings are generally mild and wonderful for outdoor eating and relaxation.

The autumn months of April and May are said to be the best months of the year being the most temperate, Small climate graph although spring from September to November sees all the wild flowers in bloom and the emergence of spring grasses.

During the winter, June to August, the days are warm, generally above 20°C, and dry with cold evenings and freezing nights in the mid-winter, ideal for an open fire. There are occasional frosts and snow may fall on the higher reaches of the Drakensberg. There are at least 10 hours of daylight in winter. Humidity is generally low and winds occur during the month of August.

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