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Ntabamoya Private Resereve

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About us

My name is Kevin McLoughlin and I am the developer at Ntabamoya Private Reserve. I am very proud of this exciting development and the realisation of my dream. Because I am passionate about creating a lifestyle of quality, privacy, friendship and space I have devoted my time and energy to being personally involved with every stage of the development. I love birds and animals and have always wanted a game reserve like Ntabamoya.

My wife, Mari McLoughlin (nee Honiball) has a passion for the outdoors and is a keen landscape gardener. She loves horse riding, jogging and cycling.

We enjoy all that the nearby Drakensberg has to offer in terms of outdoor activities, entertainment and wildlife. The Battlefield route is nearby and provides a fascinating historical tour.

I am very excited about establishing this private and exclusive community of like-minded people who are as fond of wildlife as I am. We already have eightteen sites sold to fellow residents. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your requirements to see if you would enjoy being part of our community. If you're interested, please contact us.

There are a very limited number of houses now available, 25 in total, and this is key to preserving space and privacy in our exclusive development and once the remaining houses are sold, they're gone. There will be no further developments in the reserve.

Ntabamoya Private Reserve is operated by a committed team of individuals who have been personally selected and our Body Corporate is a proactive and dynamic organisation that has the development's best interest at heart.

In order to make this dream a reality I have handpicked a top-class professional team. My general manager is very competent, has excellent skills, and has many years experience in business.

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