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Ntabamoya Private Resereve

Kevin McLoughlin, the developer

Kevin McLoughlin

About the Developer

I have worked on multi-million pound projects and understand the importance of quality delivery and customer satisfaction, all skills I am bringing to bear in the Ntabamoya Private Reserve development.

In 1992 I joined a team that started a consultancy company that grew to 120 employees and £15M annual turnover. My roles included software developer, technical manager, project manager and consultant. Prior to this I spent time working as an independent consultant in London, Europe, Hong Kong and the USA.

Surveying the development

Ntabamoya Private Reserve is a fascinating project and I have been working closely with government departments and the local community. As well as planning the development I have also managed wildlife and ecology issues. I enjoy pouring energy and commitment into this venture.

My wife Mari and I, are now using our expertise and skills to develop and manage the Ntabamoya project towards the dream game farm we had always envisaged.

I am very keen that this becomes a prestige private reserve for the twenty-five fortunate buyers. I plan to remain involved in the project and have reserved a house for my own use.

I have chosen an excellent team including an experienced General Manager, an experienced wildlife managerand a development liaison officer.

I was born in Zambia and went to school in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa and completed my matric at Northlands (now Northwood) in Durban.

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